TheSet All We Have (Is This) Lyrics

Consider this an early warning
That your heart cannot begin
Painted all these awful colours,
So not to colour you lonely.
It's still too quiet in the mornings
For reflex and old factory,
Your subtle nods and lonesome
Smiles sketch the doorways
Where we were singing.

Every sound that falls flat and silent
On the washboard winter sky.
I'm hearing over phonelines
That it's snowing and you're crying.

What would you do if we said : "All we have is this".
Thousands of voices echo : "All we have is this".

The night so quickly slips overhead in
Messy charcoal impressions
Passing and fading
Leaving behind them
Like movements succumbing to the sun.
We reference old films nad watch the grey skies
Slowly lightening the room
It's thoughts like that which really
Tell me you were gone too soon.

I'm writing two words something better.

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