MC Eiht Take 2 With Me Lyrics

d___. 5-0 at my m_________in front door
Tryin to get us , ya know I'm sayin
But Eihthype ain't sleepin
Gyeah , my n____s on the run know what's up
Lil' Hawk and Burn got the back , ya know I'm sayin
1/2 Oz. runnin this s___, so we keep runnin
n____s on the run , ya know I'm sayin

[VERSE 1 ]
Somebody snitchin ain't that a b____
m_________in 5-0 at my front door
Uhh , talkin about they got a gang of witnesses
Wanna commit and search my premises
Sellin dat candy is just the way to survive
And dealin them straps they won't take me alive
So now I gots ta play it like I say it
See the f___in glare of the batch and I spray it
Uhh , they kickin my front door with them steel-toe boots
My face [?] so I starts to shoot
I hit 1 to the 2 starts to shout
Grab the m_________in yea kick the backdoor fool , I'm out
All for your dollars and some sense
Hear the f___in sirens and I hit the back , b____
Uhh , I start to scatter like a mouse
s_____ the f___in yea and I'm out to my n____ Boom Bam's house

[VERSE 2 ]
I guess you can chalk up zero for the blue team
Look up in the sky and see the f___in high beam
Tab on Boom Bam's window with the f___in strap
Wake up my n____ One-Time's tryin to peel my cap
Special report just hit the f___in airways
Be on the look-out for the n____ hair full of braids
They say i'm nuttin but a cheater
Trippin and I'm quick fast strapped with a Nine Millameter
Gotta make it to my m_________in n____ Chills
One-Times on they way and they wanna kill
They lookin silly cause they got clowned
Heard the whisper chief williams 2 officers down
Uhh , here comes the m_________in tear gas
Bam dropped the mask and hit the side door kinda fast
One 5-0 that I killed
Jumped on the m_________in metro to my n____ Chills

[VERSE 3 ]
Ain't no takin me to jail no bail no wonder
Kill 'em all cause the m_________in hood took me under
Uhh , One-Times won't give me no Juice
Heard the barkin , yes they let the dogs loose
Uhh , runnin like a m_________in strap with the mack
But i ain't that lucky
Caught one in the leg and in the d___ed back
Now bleedin like a stuck pig
But I keep bellin "f___ you b____es" is what I'm yellin
I make it to Chills and tell him he'd pack quick
Give me some ammo cause One-Time's is on my d___
Mellin c__ cause Eiht ain't had enough
Bring them body bags , fool f___ they handcuffs
Ya'll goin down I thought I told ya
Caught one thru the shoulder of my coat
So I bust 'em in the f___in coap
The bullets flyin they tryna hit me , they might get me
But f___ 'em Imma take 2 with me
Ain't no love b____
Mc Eiht , Dj Slip , 1/2 Oz. n____s on the run
Lil' Hawk'n Burn we killin 'em off
And we outta here

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