MC Eiht Compton Bomb Lyrics

In the house for the 94 shot
Eihthype in the house, uh
Half Ounce in the house
Compton bomb, Compton bomb
West side n____
You know what's happenin'

Get ready for the funky a__ s___
>From the m____fucka that just don't quit
Guarantee the Rag Top the trunks on the b____es
Makin' n____s lock up they low-rider switches uh
Step aside as I bail on my ride
Too close on my jock get bucked with the Glock
The whole world turns as I bail in the room
n____s prepare to get slapped with the boom
Got more sacks than my man Richard D
Can't get it nowhere for the West fool
f___ around with the stress and that ain't cool
You can't handle my s___ when it's smokin'
One mo' big a__ hittin' and start choking
You can't handle this son so pass it quick
d___ I'm starting to see your mind playing tricks
Geah homie say it's much, too much
Just say you can't touch
The Compton bomb

Compton bomb, the Compton bomb...

The bomb'ton-a__ s___ is back on your block
Them n____s my team and we packin' much green
So come with your ten bucks and I'll see you
Cruisin' around the corner got the f___in' sensimilla
Come and get it from Eiht, Bam and Chill
The n____s with the real deal that kill
Dishin' it out like a m____fuckin' waitress
I come up you stay down and you hate this
Fools come from all around to get their dough
s___, 5.0 can't stop cause it's legit
Every hood to block to street to park
We be floatin' off the s___ that's ?????
And ain't no stopping the float through the Compton streets
Where you don't work m____fucka yeah you don't eat
One more come-up I can't stop
Better get down cause they shoots about to pop
Geah I got the 24 hour service
Got the one time's in my city kinda nervous
Geah, I got the money and the power
Makin' a G every hour cause we servin' that...

Compton bomb, the Comtpon bomb...

d___ you can't f___ with it
Put it - down
f___ with the stress you clown
The n____s with the chronic s___ is back on the scene
I'm hearin' sayin' E's got the mean Joe Green
Only the west side fools supplies the bomb
Hitting your a__ like a sawed-off pump
Even ?? dip in they save-in's
They come to get to ?????? in special occasions
The bust that'll last long not a quicky
You know it's on when the s___ looks sticky
So come get the bomb from the Eiht, Chill and Bam
d___ - your s___ is sorrier than the Rams
Grabs s___ gets no clientele
The backward boogie just won't f___ing sale
Geah, I got to shoot that off, fall up your block
24-7 I'ma cluck cluck cluck off the...

Compton bomb, the Compton bomb

We got that bomb s___ n____
Yo' I'm sayin'
Half Ounce in the m____fuckin' house
We gots tha bomb, Eihthype's the bomb
Bam's the bomb
Chill's the bomb
Slip's the bomb
Ric's the bomb
Lil' Hawk & Bird
Bird's the bomb
We's got the bomb n____ uh
Comp' got the bomb n____ uh
Yo' momma got the bomb n____
I said we got the bomb n____
Yo' momma yo' momma uh
Yo' mum's the bomb, n____
Yo' mum's the bomb, n____
Yo' mum's the bomb, n____
Compton bomb geah
In the house for the 94 shot n____
Eihthype in the m____fuckin' house geah
And we outta here
West side bomb fool

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