Apocryph Poisoned Tears Lyrics

Forever trapped inside this cell
The depths in which you dwell
No escape from this neverending maze
For you are chained in your own mind
Hopelessness will strike you blind
The blackness of eternity is ablaze

The shadows of your burning soul
Are darkening as death unfolds
Seavening on human life
Enslaved by this internal strife

The innocence that once prevailed
Is fading as emotions fail
The seeds are planted deep inside
What once was wrong
now turns to right

The truth, is hidden far beyond
The wisdom, no man has ever found
For evermore, unleashing all your fears
Come, and taste these poisoned tears

You'll never know what lives inside
Hypocrisy it feeds your mind
Bleeding eyes are staring at your soul
Your blood fulfills the prophecy
Your lies and treachery
Are pushing you
Deeper down this hole

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