XMaroonX Stillborn Lyrics

acts of unspeakable violence,
against innocent life.
your ignorance,
leads to my fight.
senseless destructions,
of natures beauty.
useless violation,
of all it's purity.

you cover the crime,
you are a part of it.
and now you condemn me,
and label me an terrorist.
acts of liberation,
the protection of darkness.
seems to be their only chance,
for a life in dignity.

a life defined by torture.
a life defined by pain.
they will never see the sun.
there will never be a down for them.

you set profit over existence.
you set money over everything.
your ears are deaf to their cries.
and your eyes are blind to their demise.
born - to - die,
born - to - die,
born - to - be - killed.

and you consume, the products of mass murder.
so you are part, of their demise!

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