Cal Smith The Lord Knows I'm Drinking Lyrics

Hello Mrs. Johnson, you self-righteous woman
Sunday School teacher, what brings you out slummin'
Do you reckon the preacher would approve where you are
Standin' here, vis'tin' with a back-slidin' christian,
In a neighborhood bar.

Well, yes, that's my bottle and yes, that's my glass
And I see you're eye-ballin', this pretty young lass
It ain't none of your bus'ness, but yes, she's with me
And we don't need no sermon, you self-righteous woman,
Just let us be.

The Lord knows I'm drinkin'; (the Lord knows I'm drinkin') And runnin' a-round; (and runnin' around)
And He don't need your loud mouth informin' the town
The Lord knows I'm sinnin'; (the Lord knows I'm sinnin')
And sinnin' ain't right; (and sinnin' ain't right)
But me and the Good Lord's gonna have us a good talk
Later to-night.

Goodbye, Mrs. Johnson, you self-righteous biddy
I don't need your preachin', and I don't need your pity
So, go back to whatever, you hypocrites do
And when I talk to Heaven, be nice and I'll put in a good word for you.


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