Fates Warning The Apparition (Rehearsal 1985) Lyrics

The Apparition" by Fates Warning
When the stars are right, and you're alone
take a journey, lock the world tight
out of your mind
The hall beckons your presence, the doors
open wide you're to decide to turn back.
Deep the bowels of this black abyss
compelled I just can't resist it, take me
Take me away take me away
I wanna know what's deep within
Take me away
Drawing near someone passes through me
a silent entity never looking back I won't dare
Evil eyes staring through the walls of stone
As I feared I travel not alone
laughter echoes with the blatant wind
I have passed the threshold deep within me
Repeat Chorus
A voice of thunder said turn back
Tabernacle is forbidden
No mortal dares to enter here
I want to know
Flame is burning, center of a fountain yearning, water
spring eternal, spiritual water physical fire
Above center is sky, cold cold neverness
just vastness filled with stars upon stars
In the four corners of life are the golden mirrors
reflecting what you are and what you are to be
In the first is a young boy white dove in
his hand, in the second is a warrior in armour,
in the third is the old man, gold watch
in his hand, fourth and last
no reflection at all
no reflection at all
no reflection at all
Waters rise towards physical fire, voice says
Tabernacle is forbidden never looking back, I won't dare
if the water touches the flame
forever in darkness yes I'll remain
white dove flies from the young boys hand
through the mirror of the old man, only way out
Repeat Chorus

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