Kurupt Welcome Home Lyrics

Make the temperature rise, the temperature rise
We cap to ride, cap to homicide
It's instrumental, heat is in the dead of the winter
In the heart of the cold we re-structure your soul
It's Dat n____ Daz (Kurupt we don't give a f___
like n____ whattup?) Dat n____ Daz and Kurupt
It's fatal fire blaze, Sherm with a perm
Super superb, wiggle like a worm let it burn
I pull up, on the corner store, what a sunny day
Sunny Cali-for-ni-a, the G way display
how to scrape the flo' proper-like, hit the cylinders
and scrape the flo' proper-like, stop at the light
Pull up then drive to the right
It's so good to be back home homey where the feeling is right

Chorus: Latoya

Welcome home... into L.A.
Where the tippy roll around... and the gangsters play
It's been too long... just to seen you come around
Now we can have a good time...
just watch your back, when you're comin through this town

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