Pippi Longstocking '' Lyrics

On her nose,
Diddle diddle dee,
a girl came riding
Into town one day
Diddle diddle she was quite a sight.

It's Pippi Longstocking;
Heigh ho ho wa hee ha ha!
It's Pippi Longstocking;
There's no one like her.

Happy as can be,
Diddle diddle, Pippi tells you stories.
You just wait and see,
Tra la la la la, she's quite a girl.

She's got a house,
An old and funny house,
A monkey and a horse,
A suitcase full of golden coins....

And you will ne-
Ver ever ever find
Another girl so strong
And always generous and kind.

Pippi's world is fun,
Diddle diddle dee;
she makes kids happy.
Her make believe may stun--
Diddle did(dle) -- the grownups here in town.

Pippi's quite unique,
Diddle diddle, with her smile disarming;
She is such an imp,
Tra la la la la, you'll love her too!

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