Bill Medley Most of All You Lyrics

Woke up one day, what did I find
Holes in my pockets, memories on my mind
So many things I lost on the way
But most of all you

Pennies and dreams carelessly spent
Pieces of time and who knows where they went
Is there a chance to pick up the pieces
And try for it all again

Sometimes you're just so busy running
Running round in circles
You never see you're going nowhere
Sometimes you get so tired of chasing
Chasing after rainbows
You look around your life
and find no one's there
No one's there, nooooooooo one's there

If there's a time everyone sees
They may have missed the forest for the trees
I could I let the best things roll by
And most of all you

You knew me better than I knew myself
Somehow you always knew
There'd come a day
I'd put my toys away

I was a fool traveling so far
Only to find that home is where you are
You are the way there, just let me stay there
I'll have it all, if most of all there's you..........

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