Storm Fight The Poison Lyrics

Throughout time, there's been crimes, throughout our history
But not as great, as the one of late, affecting you and me
Once a nation proud and free, and now we're weeping sorrow's tears
Tragedy's approaching, it's worse than all your fears

Come on my countrymen
Come on and take a stand
Don't let 'em take away your land

Once our nation's future, was decided by the sane
And now a poison's leaking in, and coursing through our nation's veins
Now this poisoner worships gold, and don't care for you and me
It's using veils and cunning words to make us blind so we can't see

Looking back to times gone by, when man fought for his land
Now with his pride they put him down, and try to tie his hands
Our ancestors, they lost their lives, to make our futures' good
Now it's our turn to stand and spurn the poison running through our blood

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