Meriwether New Orleans RIP Lyrics

I am a robot
Here to systematically defeat all of the human race
With weapons of light and sounds
Designed to confuse your little simple minded brains
And I am a god I'm a machine
I am playing all of you
And this is a fire
This is a flood
This is what drowning looks like from above
This was a city
And now it's the sea
This is what helplessness looks like to me
I am an airplane
I fly like superheroes but I'm different 'cause I'm made of steel
And pieces of paper
With letters of love being thrown without a care
Somewhere deep into outerspace
Blown WAY out of proportion
So pray for our sinners now and at the hour of our death
One nation under whatever there will be left
So pray for our sinners now and at the hour of their death
Startswithakendswithana it was a storm a beautifull storm
...and your paper before you go?

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