Resurrection Music Send The Storm Lyrics

Intro Singing(portion from "there is a fountain")

there is a fountain filled with blood
Drawn from immanuel's veins
And sinners plunged beneath that flood
Lose all their guilty stains

//Send the storm my way!
Already flooded with the blood
so i doubt you could drown this love
Send the storm my way!
Let the rain fall down
I could take it cuz i know that youre around//

Verse 1

How can a young man keep his way pure
When I keep your word then im sure to endure
When I take a step through that door of faith
intertwined with grace I embrace the cure
When im depressed I remember your precepts
you give me life through them when im badly beaten
In my affliction I shouldve died
so you beat me and you told me its to keep me alive
Your command makes me wiser than my enemies Lord
remember me as i embody the remedy
Your my physician when im under the whether
Your Jesus, who needs an umbrella
And though it rains in the valley of the shadow of death
I dont wanna walk away from theses gallows undead
I cant expect to make it out unstrained
So I say open up the floodgates n


-verse 2-


Verse 3

You're Abraham's faith, Job's integrity
You're the wisdom of Soloman, Jeremiah's humility
David's heart, the leadership of Samuel
Paul's perseverance, the dedication of Daniel
With great men but their storms were greater
So faith was perfected in Immanuel labor
But the greatest example of exactly how to run
Is when God said "Son go show 'em how its done"
So he said, "Yes father, Your word is my a__urace"
God I need Your love and Christ's endurance
Theres a couple guardian angels I see them on shore
They're looking out for me but in the eye of the storm
the Angel of the LORD Stands with me, Around me
Pain is ignored as his fullness surrounds me
He allows me to experience grace
So there's no more fear of the rain



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