Frente Cuscutian Lyrics

I love my country but it wears a uniform
It speaks with foreign guns in the background you can
almost hear the sound of intervention

And I don't know when liberty fell
But we rang every mission bell
We rang them loud and clearly for a world that wouldn't Listen

I don't want to die
I'm as innocent as anybody
I don't even know how to spell revolutionary
Jesus in the sky
The bullets in the guns
You don't even know what we mean by repression

Blood is the colour of the sunset
You walked into the darkness
I did not hear your last breath
There will not be an inquest
This is not human interest

We danced the dirt with surrender for our Drumbeat
Danced for the Kind of lasting
Peace that pleases the worlds policeman

And fatherland raped motherhood
And told her it was for the global good
And now we ring the mission
bell to warn their children

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