Current 93 Niemandswasser Lyrics

I have to say
I have to see
The twilight moonlit
The houses on hills
All appear so blind
At night
The webs that bind them
To the skies
Are golden, sparkling
With blood and dust
The angelic motes
On beams of blood
At night
The trees turn under the rain
Pan lies dead
From rut to rot

I saw the lighthouses all fall
Small angels hold parasols
And point to other skies
The clacking on the fence
Is long and loud
The noise of the fingers
Crack in my head
Behind my eyes
Between the bloodwalls
That line the streets and the skulls
The bonewhite temple
Letters piling up
Unanswered stars yawning together
You may have this gift from me
And I will send you nothing

From what I see
(And I see all)
The green is going
Black peter arises
With his sack chock full of tricks
(And none of them eternal)
Black peter arises
With his bag of blood
(And none of this runs eternal)
Black peter arises
And he smiles
White teeth cap over the blackened stumps
All the kings of all particular times
Have passed away
And lie in gutters
Pretty as pink
I thought that I had seen
Some bright new dawn
The children all laid down and smiled
The fires no longer smold and dullied
I watched the trash
That covered this world
Swimming in farces
In mud and in blood
Without a care in the world
The corpses are piled up almost to heaven
Chuckling or smiling
And rubbing their hands
Without a care in the world
And so we all lie dozing under the sun
Images of banality flick past our eyes
As we bask in this paradise
Littered around us
Books of religion covering my feet
And I haven't the time for a word

But still I see cottages covered in honeysuckle
The dovecots so full of the Birds in their thousands
The cats lap at cream in their p____land dream
And they haven't a care in the world

And then it shines
We're all dust
I drop the compasss and point out the pole
And then it shines
We're all dust
So wait for me at niemandswasser
As I watch the flowers bloom
And trail the horseflies as they scream
The songs we'll never know:
It shines:
That we're all dust
It shines:
We're all dust
We're all dust

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