John Conley Friday Night Blues Lyrics

Fridat Night Blues
by John Conley
Words & Music by Sonny Throckmorton and Rafe Vanhoy

(C)He's been work-in' all week, he's got men-tal fa-tigue
and that (Dm)old couch sure looks fine
All (G7)week he's been gone, she's been sit-tin' a-lone
(Dm7)slow-ly go-in' (G7)out of her (C)mind
As he kicks off his shoes for the six o-clock news
she's (Dm)get-tin' all pret-tied up
oh, she's (G7)want-in' to boo-gie, he's want-in' to lay there
(Dm7)she's got the Fri-(G7)day Night Blues(C)

(F)And (G)the (C)Fri-day Night Blues they get in your shoes,
and they (Dm)work to get you down
Oh, and (G7)there ain't a la-dy that I ever knew
who didn't (Dm7)need her a (G7)night on the (C)town
(F)But (G)the (C)hills and the bills and a week's worth of deals
has got him (Dm)feel-in' more than used
Oh, he's (G7)kick-in' his shoes off, she's put-tin' her's on
(Dm7)she's got the Fri-(G7)day Night (C)Blues

Oh,there once was a time, she was top of the line
her nights like teen-age dreams
Now it's op-'ras at noon, danc-in' 'round with her broom
talk-in' to her wash-in' ma-chine
Oh, the girl down the street says her old man is neat
and she makes it sound so true
Now she's feel-in' lone-ly thinks she's the on-ly
One with the Fri-day Night Blues

And the Fri-day Night Blues they get in your shoe's
and they work to get you down
Oh, and there ain't a la-dy that I ever knew
who didn't need her a night on the town

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