The Restarts Tinpot Hitler Lyrics

Inspector on the bus might not be a bad job,
unless you crave authority and act like you're God
call the pigs for back up and support
short 50p now I'm standing up in court
20p short but i gotta take a p___
jump the turn-style hope I dont miss
Hitler wanna-be working class
call the cops you f___ing grass

Does the punishment fit the crime- a few pence short aint outta line
Let us off just one last time - stop acting like a Tinpot Hitler

Try to bunk the tube on the way too the gig
ticket man standing there acting real big
turn a blind eye and act your f___in age
its not like it comes out of your wage
Paid and displayed but the times expired
c'mon let me off y'know you wont get fired
obedient little robot to all their laws
to get a little power in your greedy claws

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