Sports Who Listens to the Radio Lyrics

This girl in her bedroom doing her homework
She's foolin' with the logarithms, she's going berserk
One hand has a cigarette resting on the window
The other one's twiddling with the radio

What did they talk about, the horses drive her nuts
Night time, sounds fine - no if's or but's
It's just some magic, there's still some fun
If you don't pay too much attention

Who listens to the radio?
Who listens to the radio?
That's what I'd like to know
Who listens to the radio?

Guy's got his transistor wrapped around his ear
He listens to the traffic, it's not really clear
It crackles, it clicks, it pops, it starts
It's blastin' out the top forty charts

AM or FM, I listen to both of them
Listening to the radio since I don't know when
It was so busy, everyone's got somewhere to go
In the background there's always the radio

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