George Jones Hundred Proof Memories Lyrics

Love on the rocks
that's all he said
As he sat there beside me shaking his head
I said Mister you look like you're taking it rough
The next round's on me he said I don't touch the stuff
Cause these hundred proof mem'ries
are stronger than wine
It don't take but one taste
to send you out of your mind
No I don't want the whiskey
but I could sure use a ride
Cause with hundred proof mem'ries
Lord you don't think and drive
[ guitar - steel ]
He said I quit drinkin'
the day that she left
I come here out of habit in spite of myself
But there ain't no liquor that money can buy
That's stronger than what's bottled up inside
Cause these hundred proof mem'ries...
No I don't want the whiskey...

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