Chamillionaire - Mp3il.Net The Ultimate Victory - Mp3il.Net Lyrics

Get away (get away)
Ay, you got to have a passport if you rollin with me
We can hit Jamaica or we can chill in France (yeah)
Roll with a playa, you could bring a friend
Yeah, you in the presence of some playas
Chamillitary do it big (ay)
We could hit Hawaii or the Caribbean (yeah)
We could do it major, chillin on the sand

You're stressin every day cause the way that you're livin
See it in your face, ain't no fakin the feelin
We could get awayyyyy and be chillin
We could get awayyyyy and be chillin
We could go today, get away for a minute
Party every day, do your thang to the rhythm
We could get awayyyyy, get away
We could get awayyyyy and be chillin

Ay, I got money, got paper ay, I got plenty of cheddar
Ay, so we treatin to dinner, we know it ain't less in forever
Ay, the bartender, remember to bring the straw with the umbrella
Ay, we just drinkin and thinkin, of a way that we can make life better

Yeah, coconut with the umbrella baby
And the Rihanna-soundin chick is the "Umbrella" lady
It ain't no carpet on the floor like they renovating
Palm trees like my old homeboys, hella shady
Time flies so you know the clock is passin through
Kick the sand is the only other task to do (true)
You know my fan base is international
Their fan base is only within an avenue
Uhh, go wherever that you plan
G-5, I show 'em how to fly like Peter Pan (whoo!)
Get a lobster or anything that she demands
If it isn't then it's somethin that you will never eat again
Step off the yacht if you wanna see the land
I'll take you to the sun if you really need a tan
Water look like oxygen any way you stand
Cause the ocean's so clear you look down and see the sand


Listen, if money talks (talks) my paper probably speak Greek (Greek)
I'm in a different continent like each week
Seein daylight and they gon' probably be sleep
No cell phone, send a telegram to East Beach
Females is like, "Yo' chick is so hot to me
Can we all chill?" I turn 'maybe' to 'possibly'
You know my beach house is what you got to see
Paper and property, walkin game of Monopoly (Monopoly)
My helicopter lands on the +Boardwalk+ (walk)
Where the residents ain't understandin your talk (talk)
The cliff ends and the salt water pours off
Think what you think but you'll never have a poor thought
Water's so warm that the fishes isn't cold
And the air is so open that the pigeons get exposed
Didn't I remind you to bring your swimmin clothes?
No I didn't on purpose, now your swimmin in your whoa


It's all good, long as you don't turn on me like a doorknob
And try to make my flow stop like a cork does
And we'll be in Hawaii eatin corn cob
Pinnin a flower in your hair like a corsage
Said I shouldn't leave, but you know I didn't hear a thing
10-karat earring blockin out my hearing
Never go back is exactly what they're fearing
Know plenty Jamaicans so I brought you to the real t'ing
Rudebwoy, sick with it and I'm givin flu
It's like I just appeared here but I really flew
They say it just to rhyme, this is what I really do
Déjà vu, go repeat it when the year is through


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