Dilated Peoples Love and War Lyrics

Young buck in the game
started off hardheaded stuck in my ways
but things change, and days turn to nights
and the nights are cold if your people ain't right
my squad is straight, split up the cake in three ways
my partners down, I'm feeling the pain
and when we up, find us out trying to live
"I got lots of love for my crew that is"

Old soul in the game
I grew up stressed out trying to hold in the pain
but kept my mind right, sketched the highlights
I a__ure life, but fight for my rights
and your right to fight for yours
I fight through four toungues of spikes and swords
the days of thunder the night of tours
its dope to fight the illness that fight the cures

If it ain't family, I ain't sure
Love is love, war is war
they want theirs, they want yours
"I got lots of love for my crew that is"
Love is love, war is war

"I got lots of love for my crew that is" [x3]

For the love of god
for the love of cats scrambling to beat the odds
hustling and ducking in between the lots
for the love of my family, the streets are ours
the Dj's ripping these beats apart
we prefer spread love, like Peter Tosh
(with magic) classic, we group that s___
"I got lots of love for my crew that is"

I'd rather swallow blood than pride
between love and war is a thin line
its a dangerous time
you better go for yours, cuz I'm going for mine
I'm out to chip in, no doubt before I leave the grind
till then ?? - how your gonna win
and how to turn your buds over to our next king
and how your gonna stay focused to read the game
and how your gonna see if you try to stop the bang

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