Hunter Revenge 'lectric Lover Lyrics

'lectric lover

i sleep in on sunday
nothing's gonna get me up
'cause plugging in on monday
is gonna come soon enough
if i touched your body
would your love glow in the dark?
is it nice when you're naughty?
together can we make a spark?

don't turn around...i need you by my side
don't walk away...i need you

'lectric lover
i just wanna turn you on
'lectric lover
got to got to turn you on

i wanna smell your hair
closer let me taste your skin
do you got high voltage, baby
underneath those clothes you're in?
do you need an outlet
for all your s__ual frustration?
you can't refuse - you've got the charge
to light up the entire station

don't tell me that you're lonely
don't say your bed gets cold
don't tell me i'm the only one
we both know that line's old
'cause i'll say anything, girl
just to hear you talk
and i'll do anything to feel your

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