We Smoke Fags Lust Puppet Lyrics

I was in the party looking 17
shes right up in front of me
showing me what she means
followed her to the dancefloor
to prove myself in step
the way that i move
it really is the rep

i don't even understand
how to reproduce to produce
to love you anymore
she can't stop flirting
with anything anything that walks past

t shirts got looser
she never wore a bra
the first time i kissed her
was in the back of your car
i met her parents
they were really nice
we played monopoly but you stole the dice

they said i was innocent
but i pleaded guilty

terrible crime i commited in 1989
she had a lovely chest
she took of her top
everybody ate marmalade
and finnished up the zest

she got in her bathtub
i helped her wash her face
she showed me the baby
it showed me the place
we sat down for dinner
i washed up the plates
you cooked like zena skinner
your food showed the traits

i don't think i'll marry you
things just don't seem right
i don't want to carry you
like a camel in the night
please don't take this wrong
i'm sorry for the delivery
never meant to hurt you
especially through song

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