Ray Cash The Payback Lyrics

Ray Cash m________as, huh
This is payback man, from Cleveland to the public
They thought Cleveland was whack
Nah...not me
Yeah, keep it Cleveland right here man..holla at me..

[Ray Cash]
To all the killas and the hundred dollar billas
Like to welcome you to Cleveland, this the home of Ray Scrilla
Where we all blow swishers, all chase figures
With our eye on the prize, while the law chase n____z, get high!
Comtemplate the paper chasing but them crackas giving complications
Locking n____z up without a combiniton, prison is not in my vision
Even though it coincide with the life and the way that I'm living
My mind designed with a divine sense of division, multiplication and addition
I'm a math-a-gician, I was taught to subtract anything trying to intervene and
To distract the type of paper that I'm trying to attract
We really dont wanna have to clap, but if it has to happen
Its happened as simple as that, chip stacking rather its coming from
Jacking the packs, I hustle, but it just so happen I rap, and I'm back and this is...

(scratching) Payback, Payback
Payback, Payback
m________a this is..
Payback, Payback, Payback
From Cleveland to the public this is..
Payback, Payback, Payback, Payback

[Ray Cash]
To all the killas and the hundred dollar billas
Dropping big faces, popping cham by the cases
Hustling states to states switching your location
I applaud you all, you deserve an ovation
But hit the blunt for those in isolation, got hot knocked
Inside of a box pacing, waiting, patient for they day of arraignment
Worried about they family and time they facing
Look don't worry about the streets, the streets ain't changing
Me I'm doing good dog, hope yall maintaining
These hos ain't changed man, we still bang em
When theirs beef off in the street we still flaming
But dont worry about the drama, n____ worry about your mama
Write her letters, I'll fly you this kite, know your nights is hard
Know you hate it in the yard, rather be out here pushing raw
But when you get released, come holla at your dog
And we can give these f___as...huh

(scratching) Payback, Payback, Yeahh...
Payback, Payback
Cuz this is..
Payback, Payback, Payback
m________a this is...
Payback, Payback, Payback, Payback
Heh, n____z thought Cleveland was whack man, thats funny to me..

[Ray Cash]
Who wanna challenge, ? me and my n____ battle cry was do or die
So if its you and I, uno got to go then you should know I must survive
Aint no surprise, money values always out a n____z' life
Before I snitch I bet I die, no witness live to testify
I let the fact remain, leave the crack or rap game
My s___ the same, only face I change at a green exchange
From George, to Abe, from Abe to Andy, Jack to Grant
Ulysses and Benjis, pinkies make n____z green with envy
My goal is not a Bently, listen my goal to have control of a digi
With 6 o's and cant nothing prevent me, simply
The n____ in me got me drinking remy, I'm greedy therefore
I'm needy and so I need more than demi, plus the flow is good and plenty
You can pick your favorite rapper..innie-minnie-miney-moe
Compared to me they tiny though, now say something
To all my n____z with that scrilla could you stay fronting, killas spray something
Give these m________as...huh

(scratching) Payback, Payback, Yeahh..I had to do it man...
Payback, Payback
Its Ray Cash man, right now you call me Ray The Jeweler...
Payback, Payback, Payback
n____z thought a n____ from Cleveland drop jewels like this man...
Payback, Payback
Ha, its crazy, they thought we fell off though man...
Payback, Payback
I had to give these motha..I had to give these m________as...Payback
Payback, Payback, Payback, Payback

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