Pimp C Like That [Remix] Lyrics

Like that, like that
Bounce ya a__ like that, like that
Bounce that a__ like that, like that
Bend over, let me see it from the back

[Hook: Webbie]
Like Beyoncé, like Trina (bounce that a__ like that)
Like a big booty a__ black diva (bounce that like a__ that)
Like a stripper, up and down like Flipper (bounce that a__ like that)
Bend over, let me see it from the back

Double shots of Hennessy, let it get you groovy
Gone work yo' a__, do ya thang, I'ma do me
I done switched to doja and the swisher, got a room key
Act like you auditioning for a video or movie
Bend towards the floor I want your hands where your toes be
I'ma squeeze all on you booty, all nasty
Done made 18, girl I'm legal, you can harass me
Cash and a Beamer, I can't seem to find a bad beat
A big fat a__ like Trina make me happy
t__ties shake, thighs shake, vibrate while she dancing
Like to shake her a__ like Ciara real fancy
Wonder can Ciara shake that a__ on this nine piece
Betcha Jada Pinkett shake that a__ real classy
Ain't ready for the real, betcha she be lettin Will have it
You see me I'm picky, I rate that a__
I gotta ask 50 how Vivica shake that a__

[Hook] - repeat 2X

[Pimp C]
I sent my b____ to Las Vegas, go and hit that lick (hit that lick)
I'm still tryna put some d___ up in Vanity 6
Apollonia too (too), you know I'll bust you up (bust you up)
I want some three-way love, head, p____, and b___
Ain't no shame in my game, I need a p___o star
Lemme hit ya in ya a__ and play it back in my car (back in my car)
I'm talkin Gin and Pepper, I know that she feelin me
Take d___ like a champ like a b____ named Kennedy
All it takes for me, bone, neck, and lay in they house
I know you real pimp n____z, they know what I'm talkin about
Tell that girl Keyshia Cole she need to give me some p____
She "shoulda cheated" with Sweet Jones 'cause that n____'s a rookie
'Fore I sweep through ya p____ like ya need a ?
b____ thought Sweet Jones just might hit her
I told her like this, she can swallow this skeeter
Now hoe move around 'cause I really didn't need her

[Hook] - repeat 2X

[Lil' Boosie]
I want a face like Beyoncé, a smile like Ashanti
Boosie and Paris Hilton, a caramel sundae
Bust it back, wide open, lemme see yo' inside
And lick yo' tongue at me (ooohhh!), that make my temperature rise
Lookin for Teairra Mari, I can "make you feel good"
Ciara can get it too, Olivia I'm feelin you
I need lips like Fantasia, put me to sleep
Talk nasty like Trina (ooohhh!), I need me a freek
I like to lay back, f___ b____es with two or three Georgia Peaches
They argue before they eat it, like Puffy they need Jesus
Like to smoke a purple blunt while you play with that c___
And while I knock off yo' top, I want Lil' Webbie to watch
Yo gon' let Webbie see my candy, yeah? Girl that's how we play that there
Eve? I better not see yo' tail nowhere
'Cause I'ma talk that koochie out the drawers (say what!?)
You want me to be Santa Clause, you gon' have to break it off like...

[Hook] - repeat 2X

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