The Slackers Midnight Rendezvous Lyrics

It will soon be after midnight
Long since the sun has gone down
I'll be waitin' by your window
'Til your feet they touch the ground

We'll hitch a ride down to the station
To catch a boxcar train
Leaving trouble far behind us
And let the distance do the playing

For can't you see I love you woman
Since I first laid eyes on you (yeah...)

For tonight we'll be together
There ain't nothin' they can do
On this midnight rendezvous

Before that day I was pre destined
To ride that same old lonesome track
Drifting right was my direction
Like smoke ejected from a stack

But from the time I came across you
My heart did burn with desire
With just a smile you held me captive
And set my world on fire

Please take a chance on us now, baby
If they will come to see it through (yeah...)


Instrumental Interlude
(Over verse, pre-chorus and chorus changes)

They're still marring our misfortunes
Laying all we have to waste
Trying to keep us separated
The moments lost can't be replaced

How can I promise you tomorrow
If I haven't got today?
But with some luck we'll surely make it
In love (???) words can convey

Let's steal away now from the sorrow
And kiss goodbye the life we knew (yeah...)

Chorus x2

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