Five Times August Wake Me When I Get There Lyrics

And so it happened again,
I've got to live it one more time
I wish that these days would end
And I could take what's left of mine
Cause I've been waiting for the right medication
Cause I don't need this anymore

I've made up my mind before
But it's been so long since then
And where it took me before
It only left me where I am
Now I'm stuck waiting with the wrong education
And I don't need this anymore

So wake me when I get there
No need to try while I'm here
I'm just a fool with my dreams
Trying to make the best of things

I've had my minutes of fame
But I don't think I've had enough
I hope that my life will change
Because I think I've had enough of this one
Cause I'm stuck being someone they've never seen
And I don't want this anymore

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