Plan B Who Needs Action When You Got Words Lyrics

Plan B - Who Needs Actions

Who needs actions when you got words


When trouble comes knocking ill be ready alright / with my fists up ready to fight / but I aint gotta put my fists up every time / ( who needs actions when you got words)
And I aint gotta pull the heat like here we go, I aint got to lose my head like years ago.

Verse 1

Who needs actions when you got words, I aint afraid to get physical its just I hit harder when I spit on a verse. Cos im a sick spitter, spit so sick that it hurts. So sick at spitting I can even spit in reverse. Still, you can step up to my face if that's the way you feel. Throw a punch I'll throw one back and show you im for real. Ive lost a lot of so called mates since I signed this record deal, one more w___er bringing hate wont matter now im paying bills not staying still, waiting for a giro, feeling so frustrated I could stab someone in the eye with a biro. Having to drive slow everytime I see the five-o cos thers a nine bar of skunk in my trunk and its live-o. I used to shot the high grade peng! So im used to cats who beg for scraps and chat c___ that don't make sense. You cant hide whats true dude even when you go to great lengths. I see through you like glass or fake friends.


Verse 2

Sticks and stones break bones but what I say will hurt you worse, leave you feeling dead and buried like you six feet under earth. And if actions speak louder than words, then how come I hear you hating but I never see you burst? You just vex cos you wish you were where I am and you cnat make so many people feel your set like I can. Pick up a mic and set the crowd alight man, shine so ******* bright they think its day when its night man. That's right man, you cant deny I got talent. Its jealousy, you only hating cos you haven't. The more I blow the more you hate me with a passion, now the press are on my **** and people follow me like fashion. Your like don't believe the hype like that's all it is and nothing else, but I don't need the hype the words I write will sell them selves. Cos the words I write are from the heart that's why they're felt. And you'll be eating yours when mine are flying off the shelf.


Verse 3

I'd rather merk mans lyrically, spray them with the spit from my tonge than going on a killing spree and living life on the run. Even if sometimes I feel like getting a gun and running up on every one who hated me from day one. But whats the point in that? Its ironic where the point be at. Hate is from the heart still the head is where I'd point the gat. Imagine how your face looks as I **** it back, pull the trigger, imagine how your face looks after that. But it aint worth it bro. Hey yo, I aint thick. Even though I hear and see so much that makes me sick. Come across so many fools that make me wanna switch, I wont ruin my career just because you said some s___. I'll dead you quick on the mic, so you can keep on beefing. Think you're getting to me blud? Na you aint even, im a lebran so I maintain a cool balance. And you mean nothing to me like Paul Balance.


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