VA Calanit - if You Come Back Lyrics

I woke up
To see the sun light on your face
But you've gone
You left without a trace
Too late to tell you how I feel
'Cause I
Didn't mean a word I said last night
I was wrong, baby you were alright
Now I just need to understand

That if you come back
I'll love you like never did before
I wouldn't let you walk out my door
And baby I'll be everything you need
And if you come back
Never will I let you go again
Stand beside you till the end
Forever in my heart you will be
Just bring your love back to me

So I wait for you
To hear your call out my name
To see your come walking back my way
Still there's no return of your love

So, late at night
I lie awake in the dark
Send the message to your heart
Telling you all I need
To say...
All I need to say is

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