The Marmalade Wait For Me Mary-Anne Lyrics

The Marmalade - Wait for me Mary-Anne


There's a small town lying by the river
Have way to nowhere
Where the trains just stop to take on water
But my girl, she lives there.
She don't have jewels, she ain't got money
But she makes my whole world sunny
Where's no make up on her face
But where she is, well, that's my place
And I'm going home to my girl.

Wait for me Mary-Anne
Please, stay free Mary-Anne
I'm coming home, girl, just as soon as I can
(My my my Mary-Anne)
Wait for me Mary-Anne
You will see Mary-Anne
That I was born to be your true lovin' man
(My my my Mary-Anne)


In the city life gets often lonely
For a bore making gird
And it's hard to keep your sense of values
And to do things you should

Girls come easy, try to make you
Just as soon they'll try to break you
When the city dulls my eyes
Then I'll remember summer skies
And dream of the grace I belong

Chorus x 2 (Fade in the 2nd)

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