Lil Jon Weedman Lyrics

We smoke everyday
On an average 9,10,11,12 even 13 blunts
But when we on our last
And we aint got no mo grass
Its time to re up
Got to hurry up
Go and re up

[Chorus 1 (2x)]
So we just looking for the weedman
The weedman the weedman
And we just wanna smoke (smoke)
We just wanna smoke (smoke)
We just wanna smoke (smoke)

[Verse 2]
Hey I'm getting closer
To the weedman
I think he's somewhere close
Smell it on his clothes
Look! There he goes
Now you don't got to smoke with me (with me)
But if you wanna smoke my tree (my tree)
Just reach into that right (right)
Pocket on yo thigh (thigh)
And show a n____ five

[Chorus 2 (2x)]
We don found the f___ing weedman
The weedman the weedman
And we about to smoke (smoke)
We about to smoke (smoke)
We about to smoke (smoke)

Yea this yo boy Lil Jon
With them Eastside Boyz
This yo boy Big Sam and man I'm High
Aye man hold on this yo boy Lil Bo man (smoker)
And I hear music man
Aye we gon take dis s___ to 12 play
For the blunt
Only for the real smokers
Aye got d___ fire some s___ up to this
Lets go

One come on n____ pass me the blunt
Two I got to cop a sack or two
Three I got a fluffy bag of this weed
Four just watch me as I open it and pour
Five im about to role up the nine
Six we smoking on some real good s___
Seven watch me as I get high as the heavens
Eight all my n____s smoking real great
Nine getting kinda jiggy in my eyes yea
Ten I think I wanna smoke some again
Eleven Im trying to get back to the heavens
Twelve d___ this weed good as hell yea

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