Pungent Stench Pungent Stench Lyrics

[by Schirenc]

rotting fetus in your womb
your own body is his tomb
mucous little brat
drowned in clothing blood
disgusting gastric juice
drops out of your mother's v_____
pungent stench of festered gore
your p____ is a vicous sore
worms in your entrails
prey upon the melted embryo
corroded brain and skin
your son died for your sin
too many drugs in pregnancy
you killed your child but now it kills you
t__anic waves of b______ stench
comes from your month it's the child's revenge
bursting boils nauseous flood
malformation and yellow blood
now you can dig in your baby's guts
tear the corpse out and look what you've done
don't repent this mistake, now you get your punishment
the little brat will rip you till the end

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