kalenna u say Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
It ain't like before, the fire is gone
I don't know the man that you've become
Can we deal with it
Don't like this feeling
What happened to me being number 1
You always cherished your best friend, you and me
Till the very end, babe
Feels like I'm slowly losing you in this
Getting to me, it feels so kinda fit
It ain't real no more (not true no more)
When you talk to me, your tone ain't the same
And when I try to bring you to your
You brush me off
Like it ain't no big issue
Go on and make it right

You say you're gonna make it right
You say we're gonna be alright
You say, you say this, you say that
But you don't mean a d___ thing
And I'm getting sick of it
Getting sick of it
You said to chill and give it time
And you got stuff on your mind
You said I still see no changes
Just the same thing
And you're running outta time
Baby, you say

[Verse 2:]
But your talking ain't helpin my crisis
And it's looking very unlikely
That I'm gonna remain your wifey
If you keep doing your girl this way
I'm gonna have to go my way
You rather look at the big screen
And cuddle up in the bed with me
I shouldn't have to ask you twice
It's so unfair to me
Instead of doing something about it
You just let it be
And tell me things deep that down inside
You don't really mean
I've heard it all before
This is what you say


[Verse 3]
Well, not it's time for you to come through
I don't wanna hear no excuse
If I mean anything to you
Then boy, you need to stop putting
Your words into actions


[Verse 4:]
I just can't understand
What's going on between us
I mean it was like
We couldn't keep our hands off each other
But things have just changed
I'm trying to be strong
But I can't keep holding on to someone
That doesn't wanna be held
I know eventually
I'm a have to move on

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