Master P Captain Kirk Lyrics

Intro: [Master P]

Are you ready to boldly go,
where no family has gone before?
The Ghetto Enterprise has landed.
Captain Kirk has arrived, I repeat,
Captain Kirk, has arrived.
Women, if you're lucky, Captain Kirk will save you,
and beam your loved ones to the fortune and fame you
are lookin' for. I mean the next generation, ya' heard me?
Are you ready? [Yes I Am!!!!]

1st Verse: [Master P -- Fiend]
Master P:
Somebody musta' told these hoes I was a m____fuckin' rapper,
but will they jus' tell them hoes that I was a m____fuckin'
All the b____es I done broke fo' they bank,
I got so many c___tales I need a m____fuckin' fish tank.
I got hoes like acorns fallin' outta trees,
No Limit n____s don't say hoes,
ain't no caps that be floatin' in the breeze...

Now, Now, Now P, all the time, I done put in work
I ain't know, I was livin' next door to Captain Kirk.
Captain Smirk on his face, lookin' like drug swappin',
come to find out, some b____ holdin' his money down hostage.
Got keys to his cottage, done changed the law and the act,
and all he get to do, is eat that funky hoe from the back.
On top of that,
the b____ fat!!!
Makin' a career off this n____,
and all his homies gone, because they can't get it clear to this n____,
go figga,
all she wanted was that man to change,
but if it was me, I done been done slapped that b____ in the brains.

Captain Kirk, can you save me?
Captain Kirk, I wanna have yo' baby.
Captain Kirk, can you save me?
Captain Kirk, I wanna have yo' baby.
Captain Kirk, can you save me?
Captain Kirk, I wanna have yo' baby.
Captain Kirk, can you save me?
Mr. Captain Kirk, I wanna have yo baby.

Verse Two: [Silkk The Shocker]
See I met this bad a__ trick,
I mean this bad a__ b____.
Tellin' her friends about month go by see I'ma be like buying her s___.
I bought her lunch the first time,
but see there trick that's nuthin' but game,
I hit it one time and they be callin' back,
talkin' bout' "Silkk, why you do all that playin'?".
And she had the nerve to tell me,
if I ain't a f___in' trick I'm worthless,
I told her b____ if you ain't suckin' d___,
then none of yo' c___ defeats the purpose.
Figured she had game, tryin' to f___ a young balla n____ like my mind,
I figured lookin' at me she see nothin' but dollar signs.
Simply, a b____ might give you some weed,
a b____ might give you a buck,
man, but since you my boy you
better use a condom, before you try to f___.
Take the game from this show bug,
cuz Silkk ain't no love.
I give'em a little somethin', but at the end I
take'em back and get the most love.
And ain't no beam'em up Scotty,
ain't no savin' hoes that ain't puttin' in no work.
It all depends on TRU n____s like us, no Captain Kirk (b____ freeze),
all you ghetto hoes get yo' Lee Press-On Nails, fix yo' wig,
bring yo' Bebe kids cuz the Ghetto Enterprise is leavin' in
approximately five minutes.


Verse Three: [Mystikal]
my mama done got me bent.
What the f___ you mean, where I was?, who I was with?,
and where the f___ I went?
b____ you be beside yoself, you probably WOULD,
if I left ya', but I ain't gon put you on no pedestal, jus cuz
you quick with that pleasure.
You smokin' my weed ridin' my ride,
I can't seem to satisfy you,
b____ she trippin' bout' the BILLS!!!
They really ain't paid, but you gotta hand it,
this b____ gotta be stopped!!!, Hope man done got it made
and ride my pockets to the top. But oh no, you
b____, you ain't responsible, for what a n____ man
do give a f___ bout' what a n____ bout' to do,
give a f___ bout' what you and another n____ been through.
Get the f___ out my face, ya' fear too, stop runnin'
behind my G dues, can't wait to see that n____ that got
trampled like that cuz that a__ whoopin' been due.
It's thinkin' like that, that make it hard,
for me and the rest of my n____s.
Mean these tramps they it like weed,
Lettin' dem' hoes sit on they a__, and come up off yo' hard work,
This Mystikal, Master P, Fiend and Silkk,
NOT NO CAPTAIN KIRK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Captain Kirk, you know I have six kids,
even though they ain't from you,
baby my kids love you.
Kirk baby, you know we need a... brand new color TV,
I know you pay the rent.
Even though I ain't gave you none in the last year,
baby we need a brand new car boo,
six hundred, S-E-L, Mercedes four door V-12.
Oh I took that extra checkbook,
I need my... hair, nails, toes did,
I want a brand new house,
a five karat diamond ring for my birthday, and
don't forget to pick up some pampers and milk.
Also I chose pickles, and Ice Cream.
I think I'm pregnant, smile Kirk, your finally
gonna be a father, oh yeah, and don't forget to
pick up your cape out the cleaners.

[Master P]
Mr. Kirk's enterprise will be beaming up out of
the ghetto in five seconds,

[Sound of airplane or some other aircraft taking off
and flying away]

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