Slick Rick Top Cat Lyrics

Eatin' a bit and nap, human being make way spittin'
As I'm skippin' through an alley in New York, a stray kitten
Dog chase couple of blocks, shocks, tough being a fox
He in a tux, some good samaritan'll stuff me in a box
"I'll find you a home. "Why do you cry? Where went?" Just like whine
'Cause ASPCA to me a kitten ain't like right and
Constable comes, wonder why? I heard say "unhand the fly kid"
Because the b____ looked like she needed a home more than I did
Word, bit her off another like, not a committee, hit her off
Not to mention, sweatin' the kitty litter off
Had to do this, ain't no regular, see the loot is
With this rich white lady sayin' "Ain't he the cutest?"
Clerk said all deals are straight, so when the car wheels away
Although the ho' better know I want four meals a day
The rest is firm bein' a trap as the hon adopt cat
"Better be a good lil' kitty", hooker don't pop c___
'Cause I'm Top Cat

"Let me hug him" for the millionth, and again, great the zillionth
Huggin' me so much, she almost suffocate the brilliant
Sad eyes, plus she had a bad pad, nice
Said I have to do my share of work, the hooker had mad mice
Was like a fleet of them n____s, though it was kind of fun to be
Ill treatin' them, clean the mess, must've thought I was gonna eat 'em
Cat food, this ain't none to me, see a rat, you come run
or like "hunt" to me, "you wanna get this s___ from in front of me?"
Word, Thanksgiving too? Please, now shout for somethin"
"Can a n____ get some air", she wouldn't let me out for nothin'
I guess I could be called a brat and now a jolly ball of fat
So let me rub my head against her, so she think she all of that
And every day of the week, sweatin', works like a sinner, stay off
"Would you lay off? I'm watchin' Prince of Bel Aire, you're in the way of"
Mouse race across the room, should've seen me stop trap
You're still a hooker snap, didn't I tell you don't pop c___?
'Cause I'm Top Cat

Male come and the s__ triggers, and his p____ stiffer, bigger
Said "boy she sure be sleepin' with a lot of different n____s"
Ten positions as he coaches, do it in the mood above reproaches
I wish the b____ would clean her house, you wouldn't have so many roaches
But still she buggin' and he comin', and the naughty with the hottie
Fall asleep, burglar come, "up shorty get the shottie!"
Tried meowin', nothin' stirred him
The ho's meal blurred him
Peed on a b____, got up and chased me 'til she heard him
"What was that?" Got her gun, she had a dozen, mad lot
And for a over h____ lady, definitely wasn't a bad shot
Police came and all of that and now a hero hops, run to her
So I snuggle up under her, 'cause I've kind of grown fond of her
When a mouse run across, should've seen me stop trap
I Thought the ho was gonna snap, she better not pop c___
To who? Top Cat

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