Beloved Going Through The Motions Lyrics

Only you can start this fire in my heart, set me a blaze tonite
Cold no longer
One day my fight will be over, but for now I'm looking straight ahead
And its all for you
So i'll let you rise, i'll let you rise in these bones
Our eyes have grown dim finding no rest in ourselves
Renew us o' lord, light the fire within
Burn, renew this heart
Burn, and rise from these ashes
Burn the fire within
Burn rise up from these ashes
Burn, and cleanse these bones
Burn, renew my heart cause i'll praise you
Burn until the day that you will return
Nothing more than to see through your eyes
I want nothing else but to see through your eyes
Burn in my heart
Take my heart, set me free, light my fire

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