Glitter Tree63 Lyrics

See the light, feel the sun
Shining love on everyone
Don't close your eyes - don't close your eyes
After darkness all is lies

Raise your hands, lift them high
Turn your face towards the sky
Open up - open wide
Eternal love is on your side

Until you turn towards the light
You'll never leave the darkest night

The moon is down, your time has come
You can change - what's done is done
Don't close your eyes - you'll be surprised:
Still alive when darkness dies

Until you find the one true way
You'll never leave the longest day

Don't close your eyes - don't close your eyes

Hold the sun, feel the love
Shining down from high above
Salvation is it's own reward
The end is only an opened door

Until you leave yourself behind
You'll always be forever blind
There is an answer and it calls your name
Yes it calls YOUR name...

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