Take Both Invisible Friends Lyrics

My conscience tells me
What I have to do with you
It's like a little and frustrated
Voice in my head but...
I don't need to think about you
I don't have to listen their offences
I don't need to forgive anything
I don't have to go away

My dignity tells me
What I have to do with my broken dreams
It's like chains around my head
Like ice in my brain
I don't want to fight now
I don't have to go anywhere
I don't need to cry now
My invisible friends are over my head

Take a look around there's nothing making sense
I'm still looking for the reason for your getaway
Everything it's just so clear, now I'm alone
but they are gonna make me feel so strong

My anger tells me
What I have to do to escape
It's like a painful force in my stomach
Like fire in my skin
I don't have to follow you
I prefer to stay here
I don't need you by my side
I don't feel like a stranger

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