Southern Cross You Shall Be Damned Lyrics

You Shall Be d___ed

for all you ve done you should be blamed
for those nights of morbid evil dreams
terrifying and b_____ scenes
a gun in hand, aimed at your temple
and ready to shoot
you are running out of time
running out of time

flesh, the angel now is crying
upon her knees and betrayed
now you re gonna pay

flair, the evil in the spotlight
while no one seems to care he may do it again
you re gonna pay
and you re running out of time

hey! What do you think you were trying to do
how the hell could you figure it out
what if you couldn t even breathe by your own
now! All I want is to shatter you down
I ve been down on my knees all the way
f___ you, it s too late now, you shall be d___ed

you re living for something you can only behold
believing in a lie won t keep you alive
since you ve been trying to steal my own dream
I can t stand all alone, you re better off dead

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