Kid Rock If I Was President Lyrics

If i was president
Of good ol
you know i'd turn our churches into strip clubs
and watch the whole world pray
i'd give the working man back his money
i'd make the dirty f___in politians pay
to all the women raisin our children
i'd give em a vacation every year
to our good women raisin our children
give em a paid vacation every year
while all the good gals are relaxin
us daddy's will be out lookin at t__ties and drinkin beer
if i was president
even for just one day
ya know i'd make the day joe c passed away
one of our nations new national holdiays
if i was president
i swear i'd get the job done
ya know i'd uphold the freedom of speach baby
and our rights to carry guns
i'd give my state of the union address
from a mile high smokin a join on air force one
if i was president
i wouldn't lie or sneek around
if i was president
i would have s__ in the oval office
then lie about it all over town
i'd put tv cameras in the lincholn bedroom
so the whole nation could watch Rock layin it down
and monday night football on every tv
and lynard skynard on every radio
i'd give myself a pay raise
so the good folks in new york would never have to pay to see a kid rock show...
i like good whiskey
i like fine ladies too
iv got off on a bad reputation billy
from runnin round' with cats like you
i'm so glad to be back in new york city
for mtv's 20th playin for some of the best fans like you...

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