Lil Jon and eastsides boyz throw it up Lyrics

[4x]Throw it up Mother f___er throw it up
[4x] If you scared to throw it up get the f___ out the

[Lil Jon (Eastside Boyz)]
[2x] Back up b____ get the f___ out my way
(Aye move the f___ back b____, Move the f___ back)

[2x] What you looking at n____, what you looking at
(Not me or my click, we too trill my n____)

[2x] We to deep off in this b____, we too deep off in
this b____
(Its more of us than it is in the club stupid b____)

Yall n____s over there (yall n____s aint s___)
Yall hoes over there (yall hoes aint s___)

[4x] We run this (what)


[Pastor Troy]
The last n____ is the pastor
Ready to blast ya
You know: I don't play no mother f___ing games
DSGB you know the name
Wood grain in the mother f___ing Dooley Truck
Got the black and red seats with the Georgia tuft
And I got my helmet hangin out the winda
Ready to bust the head :.of a f___ing pretender
n____ as soon as I enter
You know im making noise
Pastor Troy and the Eastside Boyz
AK bustin I ride the whole clip
I c___ that hoe and let it mother f___in rip
To sank s___ is what I live for
f___ him, f___ her
Im representing
Put some more Yak in my mug
So I can throw it up


[Lil Jon talking]
Ok ok hold the f___ up hold the f___ up
I'm looking round this b____
I see a lot of n____s aint throwin up s___ (What)
Ya'll n____s must be scared to represent yo s___ (You
You must be scared n____ (Scared)
f___ that s___
All my real n____s that proud of they hood
All my real ladies that's proud of they hood
And they aint never been scared
Say this s___

b____ I aint scared
b____ I aint scared
b____ I aint scared
I aint scared mother f___er

[Pastor Troy]
Im gon represent where Im from
In the back of the club my tommy gun
Though when I chill
f___in burn one
Leave up out the club it's me little Jon
Ballin in the Benzes
Switchin up lanes
Talkin much s___ cause we deep in the game cocaine
All white f___in S f___ing six
Young a__ n____s I guess we filthy rich
My whole click ready to bust some heads
Imma throw it up b____ and I aint scared
Pastor Troy mother f___er
You know the routine
Represent for the home team
Throw it up

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