Prince and the N.P.G. Strollin' Lyrics


Close the shop, let's take a drive
Take a break from nine 2 five
It's so great 2 be alive, oh yeah
We could rent some roller skates
We could skate around the lake
If we don't know how, we'll fake it, oh yeah

CHORUS: Strollin', strollin'
We could have fun just strollin'
Rockin', rollin', oh yeah

Let's forget about the time (Time)
Let's relax and ease our mind (Mind)
We deserve 2 just feel fine, oh yeah
We could stroll the mezzanine (Strollin', strollin')
Buy some dirty magazines (Yeah)
Laugh behind them while we're eatin' ice cream (Ha ha ha..)


See the man with the blue guitar
Maybe one day he'll be a star
Give him your ice cream and I'll give him the keys 2 my car
There's so much hate going 'round
Hard 2 not let it get U down
Least we could do is make a joyful sound, oh yeah


Strollin, strollin'
Oh, rockin', rollin', oh yeah
(We could have fun) {x2} (Just strollin')

{CHORUS - repeated 2 the end}
Close the shop, let's take a ride
Take a break from nine 2 five
So great, so great 2 be alive, oh yeah
Strollin' we... oh, rockin', rollin', oh yeah
Oh strollin'
We, we, yeah...
Oh oh strollin', strollin'
Oh yeah

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