Jammin Band Games People Play Lyrics

(twice)Na na na na na
(A)na na naNa na na na na
(Bm)na na na
I'm talking about y(D)ou and me yeah
(E)and the games people play (A)(A)
All the games people play now
Every night and every d(Bm)ay now
Never maning what they s(D)ay yeah
(E)Never saying what they m(A)ean
First you wind away your hours
In your concrete t(Bm)owers
Soon you'll be covered up in fl(D)owers
in the b(E)ack of a black limousine
(A)People walking up to you
Singing glory hallel(Bm)ujah
And they try to sock it t(D)o you
yo ho(D) in the name of the lord
Then they teach you how to m(A)editate
Read your horoscope and cha(Bm)nge your fate
And further more to he(D)ll with hate
c(E))ome on gimme some m(A)ore moreand more
Turn around and look at what you see
What is happening to you(Bm) and me
God grant me the ser(D)enity yeah
(E)to remember who I am
(A)First you given up your sanity
For your pride and your v(Bm)anity
Turn your back on huma(D)nity y(E)eah
and you dont give a d(A)amn d___ d___
Oo(D)ho ho (Bm)Oho ho ho ho
(D)Wooho ho Wo ho ho Wo ho ho ho ho
(E)Wou Wou Wou Wou (A)

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