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My name is Alberto. I'm 24 years old, and I was born in Orzinuovi, a little city near Brescia, in the north of Italy. I have one sister, and her name is Sara, she works in a nearby city, and she is an engineer too. She lives alone in a single house. I lived with my parents until I came to London to work on my thesis.

I'm studying information science engineering, which I started studying at the University of Brescia. I very much enjoy reading sci-fi novels and historic books. I also enjoy keeping fit, especially jogging in the countryside near where I live.

I arrived in London on Sunday 30th September. This is the first time that I have lived abroad. London is extremely big and people seem very busy with their own lives. It is not very friendly.

I'm living in Usk Street, a small street off Roman Road near Bethnal Green. I live with three other people, who come from all around the world. For now they seem nice people, but I haven't spoken much with them. I wish to have a great experience here, to improve my English, to meet new people and to have fun.

Now I'm working on my thesis in a local company called Facultas. I came to this company because Mr. Robinson, who is the boss, knows one of my University professors. I filled in all the application papers, so the university could grant me financial aid.

My thesis focuses on a new kind of interaction between users and technology to form a new kind of interface. I will stay here at least until February or March, when I will decide if I want to stay here or return home. I hope that some of my Italian friends come to visit me and stay a little in London.

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