Paul Oakley Adam's Race Lyrics

We are those whom you have made
Fashioned in the image of our God
But Adam sinned and disobeyed
And now we face the consequences
And the loss

And I have never seen Your face
Nor heard Your footseps near me
But I have to say
Had it beeen me I'd have done the same
'Cause something in me
Always wants my own way

But You're changing me
By Your power within
And I could sing of all Your grace
And You're making me to be like Him
Who bled and died for Adam's race

We are weak but You are strong
We are foolish but You are so wise
We are helpless but You help us
We are just like children in Your eyes

We are selfish but You are selfless
We are impure but you are so pure
And we're imperfect but you're perfect
We are broken but You are so whole

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