WC It's All Bad Lyrics

*car speeds off*
Verse One: WC
*police sirens throughout song*
Last man standin', I'm shot
But I can't fear bleedin'
My n____'s face down, stretched out, no longer breathin'
I'm speedin', pump eatin', swervin' in the G and
Red & blue lights and squad cars is all I'm seein'
I told you m_________ers "No moves, no altercations"
Now it's half a tank a gas and a hostage situation
I'm facin', 25, with the 'L' so I'm stompin'
I can't shake One-Time b____, I swear I'm dumpin'
Helicopters trailin' my a__, won't surrender
Only thang I'm givin' up is hollow points and middle fingers (f___ y'all!)
Whoever set this s___ the f___ up, done got us f___ed up
Runnin' outta time, and s___ outta luck
Take that! *2 gunshots*
I ain't goin' down m________a'!
Take this! *2 gunshots*
My car roof could suck my d___!
I'm on a high-speed chase, with two money bags, *woman screams* and a
screamin' a__ b____
It's All Bad!
Chorus: WC w/ cops
[cops] "Possible 211 suspect driving southbound on the 215 driving an '84
Cutlass Supreme. Believed to be armed. Please proceed with caution."
[WC] It's All Bad!
[cops] "Everyone proceed with caution, suspect is believed to be a black male
carrying female hostage. We got a runner fellas."
[WC] It's All Bad!
Verse Two: WC
They trynna cut me off against the gutta' lane
Trynna run these m_________ers to the border man
Side-swiped the m________in' El Camino!
Trynna get my black a__ up outta San Bernadino
I catch the 215, to the 405
I'm catchin' hell trynna make it to the 5 I line!
They cut me off again I got to go the other way
Channel 5 in the sky we'll take *helicopter sounds* 'em through L.A.
*woman screams throughout* Quit screamin' b____ (shut the f___ up!)
Ho' you slowin' me down, they ain't thinkin' 'bout yo' a__ SHUT THE f___ UP
The b____ didn't budge, so I shot her, *woman stops screaming* "Bla! Bla!"
*with 2 gunshots* (stupid!)
(f___, take a look at you now!)
I kicked the door open *door opens*, threw her body on the freeway
Continued the chase, wiped the blood *door closes* off my face
Lookin' for an exit as soon as I reloads my mag' *reloads mag*
*car horns throughout* Stuck in heavy traffic...
n____ It's All Bad!
Chorus: WC w/ cops
*car horns and helicopter sounds*
[cops] *unitelligible* "Suspect has just thrown female hostage on the side of
the 605 freeway. We now have him in heavy traffic on the 105 heading
[WC] It's All Bad!
[cops] "Looks like he's trying pulling 1-8 10 and Central. He might try and
make a run for it. Don't let him get away. Take this f___er."
[WC] It's All Bad!
Verse 3: WC
Now it's time for me to make my getawaaaaaay!
f___ a hostage, I'm doin' this the n____ waaaaaay!
I jumped out the car, and started squezzin' the trigga'
*8 gunshots* (bla! bla! bla! bla!)
And duckin' at 'em, I'm bustin' at 'em, laughin' at 'em, trynna splat 'em,
cussin at 'em
Like a true f___in' G is supposed ta
I'm bustin' at the helicopter as I get closa'
Trynna shake 'em off my tail
I make's my way to the side of the freeway
Now I'm climbin' over the guard rail
I'm a felon, I can't take no shorts
I'm runnin' down Imperial past Imperial Courts
Stop to catch my breath 'til I heard the dogs barkin'
Now a n____'s runnin' past the Nickerson gardens
I hear the helicopter closin' in, yellin' "freeze"
But I'm yellin' back "f___ you!", hittin' 'em up with C's (f___ yaa'll!)
A beautiful day for dyin', n____ I'm hearin' sirens
On sight, no warnins that these coward's 'll be firin'
I made my way to Avalon
Peepin' any, get in the corner
I got's ta think quick, or I'm a goner
Saw this n____ slippin' in a '98 Ac-Right
*gun c___s, followed by a gunshot* (Get the f___ out!)
Left him bleedin' at the light!
Now it's back on, the money bag full of riches
f___ One-Time, that get in my way, I'm killin' these b____es
I'm doin' 85 loc, these fools can't touch me
Came across Western, hit the back at Kentucky
Fish trailin', mashin' on my brakes I had to stop
Break: WC w/ cops
[cops]"Get out the car now I say, keep your hands up! Get out the car now or
I'm forced to shoot!" *gun c___s*
[WC] f___ that...
[cops] He's movin'!! He's movin'!!
*car speeds off*
*car horns until beginning of chorus*
*about twenty gunshots*
[cops] "Cease fire!! Cease fire d___it!!"
Chorus: WC
It's All Bad!
Dead on arrival!
n____ It's All Bad!
Dead on arrival!
It's All Bad!
It's All Bad!
n____ we all, dead on arrival!
*helicopter flies by*

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