Beth Hart Crahing Down - The End Lyrics

hell is on to me
this desert wants a She
black fire becomes the road
diving down the dark
gold inside my hear
black fire begins to blow

I'm crashing down
there's no one for miles around
crashing down
on the road, on the road
on the quiet side of the road

I begin to run
begging for someone
bring mercy for my soul
Too d___ tired to breath
I'm too d___ scared to scream
My will begins to slow

(chorus) repeat

guess that I just don't know better
or I'd change my ways
I'd change everything
But we all can't live forever
So I'll take my fate
And swallow whole

I can hear his heels
the scratching of his tail
he's coming for my gold
on his chest it reads
liars, tramps and thieves
and my name is
Big and Bold


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