Everything But The Girl Another Bridge Lyrics

Your words stung me to the heart
I hadn't even noticed how far we had drifted apart
Can I still count you as a friend
Or have I done to much now to ever make amends
Cause I once needed just an open mind
Well that's no reason why I now should leave you behind

A word from out of the blue
Reminds me how much I once needed you
Oh but that's all in the past now
So much that I can scarcely remember how
I once needed just a hand to hold
Cause now the few times we meet
All I sense is a love grown cold

You can't hold on to everything
And I've forgotten what we talked about a long time since
Can't recall days with regret
Tomorrow remember today
And all the rest forget

Cause time's gone by and all the things we did
Are now so much water under another bridge

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