Velvet Acid Christ Phucking Phreak Lyrics

Murder the feelings all left aside,
From all of those days that you try to hide,
You lift out the anger and cut it dry,
You soak your tears away, now you can fry,

Your mind melts away, you go with the flow,
You hold it down, but you can't let go,
You try to speak, but you hear no sound,
Laying on the ground, expressed into sanity
Where you will never be,

"You f___ing freak, shut your f___ing mouth." [x3]

"Cause we're all dead, Cause you're all dead." [x4]

We went into the night,
We cut off the right,
We won't feel a thing,
We're so insane,

"The obease man, a disgusting man who could barely stand up. A man that if you saw on the streets you would point out to your friends so you could join in mocking him. A man who if you saw him while you were eating, you wouldn't be able to finish your meal."

Disturbed thoughts, distort your mind,
You're penetrated, obliterated,
We all face it, We all try to hide,
The unrelying, The lie,

The feelings, the how, the when, and the why,
We always lie, we always lie,
We always cry, we always die - you

"Maybe you're just sitting around reading Guns & Amo, masturbating in your own pheces. Do you just stop and go; Wow, it is amazing how f___ing crazy I really am."

"You f___ing freak."

"This is a man who dedicated his life to making money, by lying, with every breath that he could muster. To keeping murderers and rapists on the streets."

"You murderer."

"You f___ing freak." [x3]

"You f___ing freak, shut your f___ing mouth."

Push away the feelings you left, so far away,
We walked into the sun,
And we left our hopes astray,
We hope to live another day,
But when you break it all down,

There's really nothing left to say [x3]
So babble away...[x2]

"So ugly on the inside that she couldn't bear to go on living if she couldn't be beautiful on the outside."

"A drug dealer, A drug dealing pederast actually, and let's not forget the disease spreading w____."

"You f___ing freak, shut your f___ing mouth."

"You f___ing freak." [x2]

Cause that's how they pay

"The world this s___ty."

"Could you even try to say that these were innocent people and keep a straight face?"

"We see a deadly sin of every street corner, in every home, we tolerate it, we tolerate it, because it's common of us. Because it is trivial. We tolerate it morning, noon, and night."

"The world this s___ty."

We see a deadly sin,
We see a deadly sin,
We see a deadly sin on every street corner,
in every home,
and we tolerate it,
because it's common of us,
We tolerate it morning, non, and night.

"Show me what was in the box. What was in the box?"

"Aw, what's in the box?"

"What's in the f___ing box? You lie! You're a f___ing liar! Shut up!"

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