Takara Your Love 2night Lyrics


Long live the night
& all these things that must be free
Captured within their realm
Of silent symphony

Forces of armor
Have tried 2 hold them back
Angry cries of vigilance
2 never be held back

They walk the streets alone
& raise their heads high
The battle rages on
They're on their path 2night

They'll win the war this time
But will it end the fight ?

Take u down, 4 fillin me with lies now i will
Tear u down, & leave u lyin like u left me
Torn & all alone
I'll take u down

They violate the night alone & make their way
2 find the vision of the dream 2 come their way
Twice in the past
Their dreams have now eluded them
They band 2gether 2 release their fallen friend

Repeat Pre
Repeat Chorus

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